Hot stone massage and benefits

Hot stone massage is intended to relax and relieve tension in the muscles of the body and damaged soft tissues in the body.

During this massage we use smooth, flat, heated stones made of basalt, a type of black volcanic rock that retains heat and heats up to 55-60 degrees Celsius.

Hot stones are most often placed along the spine, on the abdomen, chest, face, palms and legs.

This massage is a combination of heated stones and Swedish massage techniques.

During this massage, we sometimes use a combination with cold stones to calm the blood vessels and soothe the skin.

Advantages of hot stone massage:

  1. The heat of the stones relaxes and relieves tension in the muscles, which causes an increase in blood flow, increases flexibility and range of motion.
  2. Reduces anxiety and stress.
  3. Massage helps with insomnia because the body relaxes and falls asleep easier.
  4. Massage has a positive effect on relieving the symptoms of autoimmune diseases such as fibromyalgia, reduces pain and gives strength to the joints.
  5. Massage has a positive effect on the immune system, because arginine-vasopressin, a hormone that helps regulate blood pressure and water retention, falls during and after the massage.

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