This is why you need a royal deal at Amman Spa & Beauty Center

The second floor of the newly opened salon in Sarajevo – Amman Spa & Beauty Center is reserved for men and women who want to relax as much as possible and afford a royal treatment.

This treatment will result in silky delicate skin and detoxification, with absolute relaxation of body and mind. The first 30 minutes of treatment are reserved for the sauna. The effects of the sauna on the body and spirit are multiple, because it is considered that staying in the sauna is healing due to its detoxifying effect on the skin and body, because it promotes natural deep cleansing of the body. Sweating removes all accumulated impurities and harmful substances in the body, and bacteria are released from the epidermal layer and sweat ducts. This treatment will stimulate circulation, better oxygen supply, and release additional amounts of endorphins, the hormone responsible for good mood.

The second part of the royal treatment is a relaxing massage lasting 90 minutes in a pleasant and relaxing environment. Relaxation of the body is achieved through a gentle manual massage, so that all the muscles relax. Relax massage also contributes to better blood flow, better peripheral circulation, improves skin tone, reduces muscle tension and relieves stress.

Pamper yourself – you live once you deserve this. Enjoy your oasis of peace in the heart of Baščaršija.