Treat yourself to a luxury manicure and pedicure at the AMMAN Spa & Beauty Center

Caring for nails and feet is not a question of aesthetics but also of health. AMMAN Spa & Beauty Center offers several types of manicures and pedicures – simple manicure/pedicure, UV gel, permanent nailpolish, medical pedicure or hammam pedicure.

Manicure and pedicure treatments include nail and foot care to ensure the health of the nail plate. During each treatment, all tools are disinfected to ensure that there is no risk of injury to the client. Professional manicurists will make sure that they never get too close to the skin, and that they do not hurt or cause you pain. Also, they will make sure that no ingrown nail is formed.

Sudden changes in temperature and dry air from warming can lead to thickening on the heels. Failure to react in time to further moisturize and soften the skin can lead to cracking of the skin, which can ultimately cause foot pain and infection.

Leave the care of your hands and feet to professionals who will take care of the appearance of your hands and feet. It is much easier to achieve an interesting and original design in the salon than when you do it yourself.

Choose your favorite nail polish color and enjoy the AMMAN Spa & Beauty Center in Sarajevo