Ultrasonic facial cleansing – a treatment that both men and women are loyal to

There are very few people who don't need to occasionally professionally clean their face. Although sometimes at first it does not seem necessary, after the treatment itself the client can already feel the smoothness and tenderness of the skin of the face, ready to really absorb all the benefits of creams, serums and other products used to care for the face.
Amman Spa & Beauty Center in Sarajevo provides this treatment in 12 key steps that prepare the face for deep cleansing in three phases, followed by cleaning with an ultrasonic spatula and manually. After that, there is a process of closing the pores with high frequency and preparations, and care in the form of masks, serums and emulsions.
This treatment can also be done on the skin of the back, where many people have problems with blackheads and comedones, and it is good for maintaining skin hygiene in that area as well.
At the Amman Spa & Beauty Center on Wednesdays, there is a special promotion “Wednesday Beauty” where for the price of one facial cleaning you can also get eyebrow coloring and shaping.
You can make reservations by phone at 061/888-066