Thai massage in Sarajevo that you will only experience in far Asia

Thai massage is also considered the “queen of all massages”.

Very few people are gifted with a life without stress, tension and fatigue, most of us face fatigue and stress every day.

Thai massage is a relaxing and therapeutic massage that is focused on stretching and kneading the muscles, and gives clients a completely invigorating pleasure.

Amman Spa & Hammam located next to the City Hall in Sarajevo, is a place of true spa enjoyment. In addition to numerous spa rituals and services in the field of beautification, this spa is known for its superior massage, which you can only experience in far Asia.

One of the many massages and spa rituals that you can get in this spa is the famous Thai massage.

Traditional Thai massage originates from India, where its use began 25 centuries ago. It combines the positive effects of acupressure, yoga, and reflexology so that it achieves calmness and regeneration of tired parts of the body, increases body elasticity, stimulates the work of internal organs, and improves circulation.

In addition to the regeneration of tired parts of the body, Thai massage has an extremely positive effect on reducing and relieving stress, but also in people who have chronic or frequent headaches. Athletes and people who are exposed to frequent physical efforts are recommended to periodically go for a Thai massage.

The skills and training of true Thai massage were transferred to Amman Spa by therapists recruited from Indonesia, and the staff of this spa is made up of professional physiotherapists who, in synergy with the spa culture, provide clients with complete relaxation and invigoration in the midst of a fast and stressful lifestyle.

In addition to human resources experts in this type of massage, Amman Spa also has special beds made especially for Thai massage.

In a very short period of time, this spa has won numerous sympathies and clients, since both the ambiance and the interior provide a special experience. One of the special features is that sometimes classical music is played live from the door of this spa so that guests who are getting a massage and passers-by can enjoy the benefits of live notes of classical compositions.